Allen Weber is one of Beau Swan's classmates from Forks High School. He is described as kind, shy, and somewhat insightful. His Twilight Saga counterpart is Angela Weber.


Early life

Allen Weber was born and raised in Forks. At the local school, he is well-liked by others, though his feelings were focused on Becca Cheney.

Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined

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Beau Swan and Allen first meet when Beau transfers to Forks High School in January. Beau perceives Allen as a shy but kind boy, who has Biology II with him. As time passes, he becomes one of the few friends that Beau made during his time in Forks.

Allen goes with Beau and Jeremy to shop for corsages for their dates at the spring dance in Port Angeles. Allen and Jeremy later go to the movie theater to watch a movie, where they wait for Beau, who had wandered off on his own and got lost. When he appears with Edythe, Allen convinces Jeremy to let Beau go with her, and drive back to Forks by themselves.

At the end of Life and Death, he is seen attending Beau's funeral with several students from school.

Physical appearance

Allen is described as being 6'1 tall, with light brown hair with streaks of honey and "always-gentle" brown eyes.

Personality and traits

"He didn't ask one question, or make one snide comment about my obvious and pathetic crush. Allen was probably the nicest kid at Forks High School."
―Beau, on Allen[src]

Like his counterpart Angela Weber, Allen has a "pure and kind" mind, with a gentle nature, though he is also somewhat shy. Unlike Jeremy, Logan, and McKayla, he never thinks badly about Beau or the Cullens and cares for others wholeheartedly. Despite Edythe's attractiveness and popularity, Allen is generous enough to support Beau when he started dating her.

His interests involve anything but outdoor activities.


Becca Cheney

Becca Cheney is Allen's schoolmate. Allen has had a crush on her for some time, but was too shy to admit his feelings. In his junior year, he takes her to the spring dance.

Beau Swan

Beau Swan is Allen's classmate in his junior year. Beau transfers to Forks High in the spring semester, and almost immediately befriends Allen, whom he genuinely likes.

Beau prefers hanging out with Allen over most other students at his school due to his kind nature. When Beau faked his death, Allen was among those who attended his funeral.


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