"First, it's the spelling, then the grammar."
―Aro on Bianca's writing.[src]

Bianca is a human who appeared in the post-credit scene of the movie, Breaking Dawn - Part 1.

She is portrayed by Ali Faulkner.


Breaking Dawn

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Bianca started working as a secretary in the Volturi's headquarters after the previous secretary, Valentina's "disposal". Not long after she was recruited, she brought a note sent from Carlisle to inform them of Bella's transformation into a vampire and her joining the Olympic coven. Noting that the name 'Carlisle' was misspelled as 'Carlile' and her poor grammar, Aro signalled Felix and Demetri to remove her. She was forcibly dragged out of the chamber kicking and screaming, which suddenly stopped.

Film portrayal

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Bianca was portrayed by Ali Faulkner in the first movie adaptation of Breaking Dawn.


  • Bianca did not exist in the novels. However, it is likely she was a creation based on the character Gianna, also a human secretary for the Volturi, who hoped to be turned into a vampire but was killed to sustain them.


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