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Missing Chess? Fear Not... - Dennis Monokroussos - 2021/09/24 03:11

For those who have found the past week unbearable in the absence of some super-GM event, I have two bits of good news for you. First, there is (and has been) an event with a fair number of super-grand...

The Free Will Thread: Survey Says... - Dennis Monokroussos - 2021/09/22 06:34

Free. It wasn't unanimous, but it was still heavily in favor of "free". The question, recall, was whether someone who decided to stay in a room did so freely if it turned out that he (or she) was lock...

A Quick Note on the Free Will Thread - Dennis Monokroussos - 2021/09/20 01:26

I'm still sitting on the comments to this post, letting them accumulate; I'll probably offer some thoughts on this tomorrow or Tuesday, as time allows. I'm grateful for all the comments that have come...

The Greatest Chess Interview of All Time? - Dennis Monokroussos - 2021/09/20 01:18

According to Tyler Cowen, that's how this postgame interview from Gibraltar 2018 is often characterized. That seems implausible, if one takes "all time" seriously. And there's not so much of an interv...

Notre Dame 27, Purdue 13 - Dennis Monokroussos - 2021/09/18 22:13

Better! Now Notre Dame is going in the right direction, and just in time, too, with some strong opponents coming up the next few weeks. Record so far: 3-0 (9 to go, not counting the BCS playoff) Next...

Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Final 2021 - Games and Results - Mark Crowther - 2021/09/24 22:32

The Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Final takes place on Chess24 24th September to 4th October 2021. The culmination of the online chess tour that started with the Skilling Open in November last year....

TePe Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2021 - Games and Results - Mark Crowther - 2021/09/22 22:08

The TePe Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament takes place Thu 23rd to Wed 29th September 2021 in Malmo Sweden. This is the 26th edition of the tournament. The event was postponed from earlier in the yea...

36th European Club Cup 2021 - Games and Results - Mark Crowther - 2021/09/17 22:02

The 36th European Club Cup takes place in Struga, North Macedonia 18th-24th September 2021. World Champion Magnus Carlsen, Alexander Grischuk, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov are the top players. The women's ev...

9th EY Norway Chess 2021 - Games and Results - Mark Crowther - 2021/09/17 21:23

The 9th Norway Chess tournament, this year sponsored by EY, took place 7th to 17th September. As in the last edition an Armageddon game was played if the main classical game is drawn. Players: Magnu...

FIDE Online Olympiad 2021 - Games and Results - Mark Crowther - 2021/09/15 20:36

The FIDE Online Olympiad took place Fri 20th Aug 2021 to Wednesday 15th Sep 2021. 153 teams entered. The event had various qualification stages - as the event progresses stronger teams join the tourna...




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