"I'll be whoever you want me to be. So, whaddaya say?"
―Chet, to Bella.[src]

Chet is a man who flirts with Bella Swan in the movie adaptation of New Moon. This character is created exclusively in the movie, and does not exist in the novel.

He is portrayed by Michael Adamthwaite.


Bella approaches Chet in attempt to see Edward in her mind by putting herself in dangerous situations.

He takes her on a joyride on his bike, but she orders him to stop shortly and then goes back to Jessica by herself. Jessica accuses her of being "crazy, or suicidal."

Physical appearance

Chet is a partly balding man in his late 20s, with dark blond hair, blue eyes, and reaches the height of 6'1". He also has a mustache and wears a black earring on both of his ears.

Film portrayal


Chet is portrayed by Michael Adamthwaite in the New Moon movie.


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