Chesskynet Field
Chesskynet Field

"I was ridiculously grateful that he'd skipped breakfast—a fresh attempt to diet—and the consequent hunger had him in a hurry to leave campus and find a greasy lunch somewhere. He promised himself he would start over tomorrow…"
Edward Cullen's thoughts on Coach Clapp's actions[src]

Coach Clapp is the gym teacher at Forks High School. His Life and Death counterpart is Coach Clapp.



In Twilight, Coach Clapp supplied Bella with a gym uniform but didn’t force her to change into it on her first day. He was one of the teachers that shifted Tyler Crowley’s van after the accident so the paramedics could get in. Coach taught volleyball and badminton during Bella’s junior year of P.E.

Midnight Sun[]

In Midnight Sun, Edward Cullen perceived that Clapp attempts to diet, although he lacks the will to do so.


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