"She took her vengeance out on the village."

The Cold Woman was a vampire mentioned in Eclipse at the bonfire during which Bella Swan hears the Quileute legends.

She is portrayed by Monique Ganderton in the movie adaptation of Eclipse.


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Billy Black tells the story of the Third Wife, and how the Cold Woman's mate, the Cold Man, was killed by Yaha Uta and his brother. Driven mad with rage, she descended on the Quileute village and slaughtered the tribespeople. Yaha Uta phased into a wolf and tried to defend the tribe, but was killed. Taha Aki was the only spirit warrior left, and enraged at his son's death, he phased into an ancient, white-muzzled wolf and attacked the Cold Woman. His wife could see that he was losing the fight, so she grabbed a knife from one of her younger sons, all of whom were still only boys, and plunged it into her heart. The scent of her blood distracted the Cold Woman long enough for Taha Aki to tear her apart.

Physical appearance

This nameless vampire was mentioned to have golden hair in the novel, while her movie counterpart had black hair. She appears to have been in her early 20s to mid 30s.

Film portrayal


The Cold Woman was portrayed by Monique Ganderton in the film adaptation of Eclipse, though she was credited as the "Beautiful Vampiress".

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