Crosshairs is a movie that Bella, Jacob, and Mike go to see in New Moon. It's supposedly rated R, as Jacob was not old enough to get in by himself. Jacob comments on the movie's poor quality, noting how blood squirted twenty feet out of one character and that it was fake. Both he and Bella laugh as they watch how ridiculous the movie is. Jacob comments a few more times on how the movie really sucked. Mike throws up halfway through the film due to stomach bug, thus making Jacob and Bella leave.

In the New Moon film, they instead see a movie called Face Punch. Jacob comments that he'd heard it "sucked bad". It is supposedly R-rated, since Jacob is not old enough to watch it by himself. While watching the movie, everyone is quiet but Jacob is grinning at it while Mike gradually feels uneasy because of the gore. After the film, Jacob gets angry with Mike for interrupting his conversation with Bella and makes Bella suspicious about what is happening to him.

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