Gustavo is a minor character who appears only in Book 1 of Breaking Dawn. He is married to Native Ticuna, Kaure, both of whom are housekeepers on Isle Esme.

He is portrayed by Sebastiao Lemos in the first movie adaptation of Breaking Dawn.


Breaking Dawn

In Breaking Dawn, Gustavo accompanies Kaure, his wife, as Bella and Edward Cullen's housekeepers while on their honeymoon on Isle Esme. He is portrayed as a polite and kind person who speaks Portuguese.

He feels often embarrassed by Kaure's superstitions and wants her to be more modern.

Physical appearance

Gustavo is a middle aged Brazilian who speaks Portuguese. He is mentioned to have a round body with copper skin, dark eyes and grayish hair. His face is wrinkled, like his wife. In the movie, he has a goatee.

Film portrayal


Sebastiao Lemos portrays Gustavo in Breaking Dawn - Part 1.


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