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This is a list of quotes in Midnight Sun.


Page 1:

"This was the time of the day when I wished I were able to sleep."
Edward Cullen thinking about high school
Page 155:
"'So, Bella, I was following your scent through the woods after I left your room where I'd been watching you sleep... Yes, that would be quite the ice breaker."
―Edward, reflecting on why he can not ask Bella why she was wandering in the woods outside her house

Page 188:

"And now everything was chaos and tumult.
Yet I wouldn’t trade it. I didn’t want the life that made sense. Not if the chaos meant that I could be with Bella.
Edward Cullen thinking about Bella in the restaurant La Bella Italia

Page 206:

"Did I love her enough yet to be able to bear leaving her?"
Edward Cullen after Bella told him that she found out he is a vampire

Page 211:

"More than that, I thought of Bella and requited love. She couldn’t love me the way I loved her—such an overpowering, all-consuming, crushing love would probably break her fragile body. But she felt strongly enough. Enough to subdue the instinctive fear. Enough to want to be with me. And being with her was the greatest happiness I had ever known."
Edward Cullen thinking of his sweetheart, after driving Bella home from La Bella Italia

Page 231:

"Too much," she whispered. "More than he likes me. But I don’t see how I can help that."
Bella talking to Jessica Stanley, about the evening with Edward in Port Angeles

Page 238:

"How could she not realize that she was the most beautiful…most exquisite…
Those words weren’t even enough.
Edward thinking at lunch with Bella, after Bella told everything to Jessica, about her relationship to Edward
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