"Beau, I'm so sorry!"
―Taylor after almost killing Beau[src]

Taylor Crowley is a semi-popular graduate student of Forks High School. She plays a major role in Beau Swan's realization about Edythe Cullen's identity as a vampire; Taylor almost kills Beau with her van when it drove across an icy parking lot, and Edythe runs in front of the car to save him. Her Twilight Saga counterpart is Tyler Crowley.


Taylor was born and raised in Forks.

Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined

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"I'm not going to play anymore. This whole prom charade? I'm out. Go with the person you really want to be with."
―Beau, to Taylor[src]

Taylor Crowley nearly crushes Beau with her van because of the icy ground, but he is saved by Edythe, and Taylor receives more injuries than him; with bandages wrapped around her head. Her car was then sold for parts, and she starts using her parents' Nissan Sentra from then on.

Afterwards, Taylor frequently and relentlessly tries to make things up to Beau, and asks him to the girls' choice spring dance, though he constantly refuses. She then deliberately tells everyone that Beau is taking her to prom. Beau finally gathers up the courage to tell her flat out that she should go to prom with the person she is really interested in, implying to Logan Mallory.

Personality and traits

Taylor is described as headstrong, funny, and "cocky" according to Beau. After almost crushing him with her van, Taylor is extremely persistent as she tells everyone that Beau is taking her to the spring dance, despite Beau frequently telling everyone that he was going to Seattle that night.


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