This is a list of quotes in The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.

Bree Tanner

" I didn’t want to speak up and draw attention, but I wished somebody would decide something. I was really thirsty, and I didn’t care much whether we went right or left or over the roof. I just wanted to find some unlucky people who wouldn’t even have enough time to think wrong place, wrong time."

"This Diego guy wasn’t like the others. He was kind of… calm, I guess was the word. Normal. Not normal now, but normal before."

"This was what Riley had told us to do. Hunt the dregs. Take the humans that no one was going to miss, the ones who weren’t headed home to a waiting family, the ones who wouldn’t be reported missing. It was the same way he chose us. Meals and gods, both coming from the dregs."

"It would be stupid to risk my life to save some total stranger. But I hadn’t had anything close to a friend in forever. Already it would be hard to go back to having no one to talk to, after only one night."

"It was shockingly weird to touch another person after a whole life—because the last three months were my whole life—of avoiding any kind of contact. Like touching a sparking downed power line, only to find out that it felt nice."

"He looked into my eyes, and I waited for his lips to twitch into that easy smile, for him to make some joke about ninjas or BFFs. He didn’t. Instead, he leaned in slowly, never moving his eyes from mine, and kissed me. His smooth lips pressed against mine for one long second while we stared at each other."


"Worst high five ever."

"Don’t freak out, Bree."

"You’re the kind that Riley should be looking for—the smart ones—not just these stupid gang-bangers that Raoul keeps bringing in. I bet you weren’t some junkie ho when you were human."

"Hard to remember that stuff, isn’t it? Everything’s so fuzzy and dark."

Riley Biers

"Do any of you have a brain?"

"All our lives depend on you listening to what I’m saying now and thinking! We are all going to die. Every one of us, you and me, too, if you can’t act like you have brains for just a few short days!"

"I will not tolerate any more stupidity."

"The girl will be with the yellow-eyes. And whoever gets to her first gets dessert."


"It’s enough for you to know that our enemies have great powers. We cannot be too careful."

"If you are not here to kill us, then… what?"


"Spider-Man is such a whiny loser."

"Whoa. I’m all… shiny."

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